Tuesday, December 14, 2010

One Quick & Easy way to Improve Posture

Over the past year of being in practice, I've come to the realization that most back and neck problems can be traced back to one issue, poor posture.  Now, I know that I was NOT the steward of good posture back in the day and today it's difficult to stay on top of always having good posture.  However, I do know a few ways to help keep people lined up and sitting straight.

With the exponential increase of sedentary jobs and an overall sedentary lifestyle, people are coming in to see the chiropractor for poor posture related issues.  The fact is, it's just plain difficult to keep perfect posture for 8+ hours a day while sitting at your desk.  However, if you keep an eye on it throughout the day, it will be second nature over time to sit up straight and tall.  In fact, it should become more comfortable to have good posture.

Now I said that there is one very good way to ensure that you have better posture.  However, it doesn't always work for everyone.  With that said, if you visit The "Back" Page on Cascade Chiro's website, you will find a couple of other good pointers to follow.  Alright, so if you are going to do one thing to help with your posture at all times do this:

Pull your shoulders back like you are trying to make your shoulder blades touch while pulling your head back over your shoulders.

If you do this one easy thing whenever you notice that your posture is lacking, you should notice that your overall posture improves as well.  Try it.  It's pretty difficult to slump or curl your lowback when you're doing it.

So the next time that you find yourself with rounded shoulders, slumping, or a hunchback, just try this easy exercise and hold it as long as you can.  Over time, you should notice that it gets a lot easier and you'll start to feel better as well.

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