Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why Buy Organic?

Over the past few years, there has been a growing "fad" of buying organic fruits and vegetables.  But, I argue that it's not just a fad.  When there's a fad, there's usually no good, sound reason that people do/buy something.  If you can tell me good, sound reasoning for buying a pet rock, I stand corrected.  That's why I think buying organic fruits and vegetables is NOT a fad.  There are plenty of healthy reasons why you should buy organic.

#1:  If a fruit/vegetable is truly organic, then it has been grown without pesticides, hormones, and genetic modifications (hint: future topic).  All of these chemicals and changes are good at keeping bugs away and making the food bigger, but they are detrimental to your health.  There's a reason that pesticides are constantly being taken off the market and re-invented.  It's because they cause harm to your body. 

#2:  Since organic fruits and vegetables are devoid of these synthetic chemicals, they typically taste like they should.  I just read an article yesterday where a group of people taste tested non-organic and organic fruits and vegetables.  Every single one they tasted said that it had more flavor and tasted more like the fruit/vegetable should.

#3:  By buying organic fruits and veggies, you are helping the environment.  Every year, we are inundated with changes to our ecosystem by runoff from fields that are doused in pesticides and other chemicals.  Since organic farming does not use these chemicals, you don't get the damage to the ecosystem, mainly our water supply, from these farms.

#4:  Bigger is not always better.  Just because an apple is huge and looks like it came from a photoshoot, doesn't mean it's good for you.  More than likely, that huge, gorgeous apple is stuffed with hormones, pesticides, and altered genetics. 

Just because you may be getting more bang for your buck, it doesn't mean that your body is getting more bang for your buck. You always need to consider what is best for your body when you are adding to your body.

Of course, there are more health benefits to eating organic fruits and veggies, but, I can't write a long dissertation for a blog post.  So, comments and suggestions are welcome.

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