Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Back to School Bugs

With all of the excitement of buying new clothes, supplies, and books for the new school year, the health of your child tends to fall by the wayside.  So, I'm just going to give a couple of reminders of what you can do for your child and what they can do on their own to help fend off the bombardment of germs from their grimey classmates.

1 - Of course we all know the importance of washing hands after using the restroom or before lunch, but how about trying to avoid getting those little grabbers dirty in the first place.  You should remind your childrem to sneeze and cough into their arm, not into their hands.  It's one of the easiest ways to keep them clean.

2 - Boost their immune system the natural way.  In order to make sure that your child gets ample immune boosters, make sure that they are not only getting enough fruits and veggies, but make sure that they are getting a good variety of them as well.  Different fruits and veggies have different amounts and kinds of vitamins and minerals that are essential to add oomph to your natural germ and virus fighters.

3 - You DON'T always need to get the latest, greatest flu shots.  First of all, getting a dead or partially dead virus injected directly into your bloodstream in NOT the best way to build immunity.  Secondly, the drug companies make an educated guess about what strains are going to be the big strains to innocuate against.  Finally, the flu is a relatively mild sickness.  It's best to fight it naturally to build up your immune system for later on in life. (I'll expound more on this topic at a later time)

Of course, like always, there are a ton of different ways to boost your child's immunity for the beginning of school.  These are just a few suggestions.

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